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Qanon: The Plan to Save the World

That’s why we have Q. The good guys, with control over the NSA, began the Q intelligence dissemination program to invoke an online grassroots movement called “The Great Awakening”.



Have you ever wondered why we go to war or why you never seem to be able to get out of debt?
Why there is poverty, division and crime?
What if I told you, there was a reason for it all?
What if I told you it was done on purpose?
What if I told you, that those corrupting the world, poisoning our food and igniting conflict were themselves about to be permanently eradicated from the earth?
You might think that is an idealistic fantasy.
Well, let me tell you a story.
We acknowledge there are criminals, of course.
They rob your house, they steal your phone, they can murder you too if they think they can get away with it. We have all experienced criminals in one way or another. Criminals, as we know, are those who choose personal gain over the rights of others with no regard for laws.
But here’s where you need to expand your thinking. Criminals can also succeed in business and politics, and can be elected as our leaders. If a criminal became the president, imagine what they could achieve!
They could use the full weight of their executive power to commit much larger crimes, and ensure they and their friends were enriched to the fullest extent possible. A criminal president could create alliances with other criminal presidents, and then collaborate on more global criminal activities. Anything goes, drug-running, human trafficking, whatever makes the big bucks. The 20th century was turbulent with war, economic disaster, famines and displacement.
We have always accepted these as just human nature and simply the way the world works – something inevitable and due to the weaknesses of human nature that lead us to these actions.
This is where we were all tragically wrong.
You are not a criminal. I am not a criminal.
So how can we just assume it is human nature that is driving all this pain and misery?
What if it wasn’t human nature at all, and as a result of something more deliberate?
We were taught Capitalism was the cause of a massive rich/poor divide, and the reason for poverty – which in turn is the reason for war, crime and starvation. Others were taught that Communism, the system of equal wealth across all people, was really to blame for the mess. But you see folks, it is none of these things. It is not our nature to fight and be racist, it is not in our nature to rob from others.
You must learn is that it was the CRIMINALS all along!
Yes. They got power. More power than a criminal should ever have. They rose to the top of media companies that control our news and entertainment. They ascended to the top of the banking system. Also to the Oval Office. To Brussels. To the Vatican To the Crown. They crept in quietly. They became leaders of agricultural companies who have control over food supply. Also big pharmaceutical companies; the ones we trust to help us when we are sick.
Nobody stopped them and they just recruited more criminals to help them. First they accumulated the world’s wealth. They invented a system of money called Central Banking which lends money to governments with interest, placing countries into eternal debt.
People’s wealth got less, their wealth got more. Much more.
When a criminal is already as rich as they can get, then protecting their ill-gotten gains becomes the priority. Angry citizens tired of being poor are a major obstacle and can revolt if they suffer enough. The criminals needed to prevent this. So they diverted attention to their last remaining competitor – the people of the world: You and me. We are not happy being ruled by criminals and having to work 3 jobs just to survive. They know we won’t accept it.
So they used their control of the media to set black against white, woman against man, young against old, Muslim against Christian. They convinced us WE were the problem so that we would fight and destroy ourselves. To get it done faster, they attacked all aspects of humanity that make us strong. Like family. Using their influence over culture, they popularized lifestyle choices that led to a surge in broken homes, lost youth and substance abuse. I could talk all day about how else they deliberately weakened us, and it would turn your stomach. We were just trying to get on with living.
So where are all the good guys?
Good people just want to get married, have kids, make a living and enjoy their liberty. Well, there WERE good guys. Many. One became the president of the United States in January 1961. He knew about these criminals and wanted them gone. He knew their intentions for us all and he wanted to fight them Sadly, he had no idea how powerful they had become. Reagan also had good intentions for the American people. He knew this criminal mafia controlled almost everything by this stage, including the powerful rogue intelligence agencies. His economic policies were promising, but the criminals needed a weak America to hold onto their power. Reagan was shown with a bullet that a growing US economy and prosperous citizens were not what the criminals wanted.
It was looking pretty grim for good people.
Every time someone wanted to stand up and do the right thing, they get stopped. Were we ever to be freed? The criminals are also known as the Deep State, or The Cabal, because of how they control things behind the scenes. Every president after Reagan was one of these Deep State criminals, and their empire grew even stronger. With each bad president came new depths America and the world would sink.
The world collapsed into darkness. Do you need me to tell you how?
Destroyed factories, declining job numbers, sicker people, opioids, destruction of Iraq, Syria and Yemen with pointless war, displacement of people into Europe, Isis, terrorism, collapsed governments, poverty and genocide.
Do you think that was inevitable?
Hell no!
Well, here is where things start to take a new turn. When the full picture comes to be known, it will forever be regarded as the greatest story ever told. Well, here is the top line: Some good people still held positions of power. They valued humanity and the rule of law. While the criminals discussed their game plan at the annual Bilderberg meetings, the good guys were making plans of their own. The Information age was coming to change history forever.

They became dependent – just like we did – on email, SMS and instant communication.
As the internet flooded into every home, and appliances became smarter, and when people started carrying tracking devices, an opportunity to put an end to criminal control over the world was emerging. We became connected, trackable and surveilled but SO DID THEY.
It made crime much easier, but it also put them on a grid that, if accessed by the right people, would expose their crimes to the public and end their iron grip on us once and for all. In this new age of information, it was thought that the military should also have its own intelligence agency to focus on cyber crime and espionage. They called this the NSA, the national security agency. The relevance of the NSA in the story cannot be understated.
Here we had every phone call, email and text from every device, stored and archived. Whether it be someone making a doctor’s appointment or the Deep State setting up a massive heroin purchase from the Taliban. In the right hands it would be enough information to expose the entire sinister criminal plot to rob us blind and wipe us out.
Hold that thought, now I need to explain the PLAN.
The good guys were devising a PLAN to reclaim the world from the cabal and return it to the people. It would involve alliances with multiple countries, since the criminals had global rat lines, trade and other infrastructure in place that would need their cooperation. It came down to two choices for America. Launch a military coup to seize the government from whichever cabal puppet was in the White House. Or win legitimately, take control of the NSA, expose the criminals for what they are and arrest them all.
Obviously, the first option would be very troubling for the public.
With people still preoccupied with cabal-engineered social issues, they would likely revolt and hurt themselves and others. No, it would have to be the latter. So they needed a candidate who could win and who could win big. Many states like California had been so heavily inundated by criminals that even the voting machines were electronically set up to swing votes any which way. It would need to be a very decisive victory. Good patriots in the US military, and their global partners asked Trump to run for president so that they could take back control of America legitimately without alarming the public. Trump was a good choice, obviously, because he overcame the voter fraud and won. But he was a patriot and he was loved and admired by the public. He was not interested in joining the cabal, mainly because they hated America and he did not agree with them on that point.As soon as he showed interest in taking power, they activated their media assets to viciously turn on him.
That’s when we saw the sudden hatred emerge.
Even when he won, the cabal still had no idea what he was part of, and the sophisticated plan that was about to unfold against them. Shocked at their loss, they mobilized their full arsenal of intelligence, media, money and technology to try and take back power. Their people at the top of the DOJ and FBI then put together a plan to frame Trump and have him impeached.
This is where we come back to the NSA again. All messages were stored and could be used to expose this plot and prevent Trump’s overthrow. An entire book will be written about the first two years of Trump’s presidency, false flag terror attacks, downed planes, missile alerts, assassination attempts. Here is the point. The world is currently experiencing a dramatic covert war of biblical proportions, literally the fight for earth, between the forces of good and evil. I can’t put it in simpler terms but I can say it appears the good guys are winning.
The cabal had complete control over North Korea. They hijacked the Kim Dynasty, took them hostage and worked to build up a nuclear arsenal to threaten the world. Kim Jong-Un suddenly embracing peace was simply because the Deep State were beaten and driven out. ISIS was also destroyed in the year after Trump’s win. We are all starting to see the pattern now that enough time has passed; that our biggest global concerns are starting to recede, and peace is returning.
It is all evidence that the good guys are winning the war.
But we are still in the middle.
While a lot is improving, it still puzzles many that most of these known criminals are still free. Especially higher ups like the Hillary Clinton, the Bushes and Obama. That is coming in the next chapter of the story. That’s why we have Q. The good guys, with control over the NSA, began the Q intelligence dissemination program to invoke an online grassroots movement called “The Great Awakening”. It started on underground internet channels and then moved to the mainstream. Q has been a fun distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth, but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase – keeping the public informed when the Deep State war breaks out onto the surface.
By this, I mean high-profile arrests. Yes folks. The criminals I am referring to are famous politicians, actors, singers, CEOs and celebrities. People who have earned our trust, respect and admiration. They have done very bad things that are all fully known and documented, and they will be severely punished.
Those of us who have followed Q since the beginning will be here to help you make sense of upcoming events. We are among the first to realize that our petty partisan divisions are just trivial distractions, and we are all enslaved by a hidden enemy. We realize that the problem was never Capitalism or Socialism, Democrat or Republican, black or white, Muslim or Christian. We know it was just very powerful criminals who had too much power. Fellow slaves. It’s time to buckle your seatbelt, recognize your true enemy, and embrace a new future that we all owe to the brave patriots who risked their lives to achieve victory against the greatest force of evil the world has ever known.
May God bless America.

Advanced Qanon

The Secret Reason Trump Said He Wanted To Buy Greenland

He knew the Maestro was referring to his riddle and was talking directly to him.





Photo: Greenland

Did you enjoy our day at the zoo watching the $nakes?

Despite the Fake News helping the Scaramucus 666 spread his lies, are you following how this species is miserably failing at trying to divide the Maestro’s base? Instead, his recent statements against Trump made everybody rally around the fact proven earlier that he’s a bitter and broke Satanist who lost his hedge fund and who hopes to be bailed out by China. Once again Mooch, you are proving you are not very good at numbers. Don’t you realize China is currently more concerned about how to pay their next multibillion dollar tariff bill and find a way to sit down with the Maestro? Based on the past failures of Alex Jones with his Syria meltdown, Omarosa with her White House recordings and Ann Coulter with her rotted M&Ms, it seems the Scaramucus 666 lacks the ability to learn from third party experiences. That’s fine Fredo, have fun going from one TV show to the next to spit your venom. Our screens are Maxine Waterproof and we actually enjoy watching you self-terminate in real time.

Q941 These people are stupid. Maxine stupid. Q

Now let’s talk about the Maherus Panicus. Did you solve the Bill Maher riddle? Img1 Were you able to use the hint I gave you about Idaho being the “potato place”? Did you notice the Maestro tweeted about Idaho 3 days after my article? Coincidence? Here is the tweet. Did you solve why Bill Maher attacked the QAnon and the Q Movement 2 days after my article with the riddle about him and why he mentioned Instagram? This is good Bill, it seems the riddle caught your attention and you successfully solved it… Let’s watch: video

As you can see, Bill is desperately trying to link the 3 shooters to Q. Hahaha! They are terrified by Q.

Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage.

Q2859 Our reach is a direct threat to their control. Would the largest news co’s in the world attack us (daily) if we weren’t a threat to their narrative/control? You attack those who threaten you the most. Q

They have tried and are still trying everything they can to prevent Q from posting in a failed attempt to demobilize us.

Well, once again Bill, we are a peaceful movement. We don’t advocate violence and the reason is simple: we don’t believe in it and don’t need it until its use becomes unavoidable. We believe in the power of the Love of God, Love of Country and the might of the Intellect. We will take down all Satanists and criminals against mankind and its children in a beautiful and elegant way. It’s right here:

Q22 No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.

If you doubt it, pay a visit to the Deep State Museum in Q2381 and Q2714. All this was done with Requiem in D minorplaying in the background… Peacefully… Beautifully… Lethally… Inexorably…

You got that?

Let’s now solve the Bill Maher riddle.

Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the Maestro’s Idaho tweet confirmed my article in a spectacular way! Yet another confirmation from POTUS! Thank you POTUS!

The trick was to analyze the timestamps. Img2 My article with the Bill Maher Idaho riddle was posted on Aug 13 2019 at 16:58:08 GMT and the Idaho tweet was posted on Aug 16 2019 at 17:23:59 GMT. The tweet therefore pulls Q1723 where we read HUSSEIN and the time difference between the article and the tweet is 4345 minutes and 51 seconds. Do you see it? The number 4345 elliptically pulls 44 which represents HUSSEIN as confirmed in Q1223. Then, the Maestro added 51 seconds so that the additional information 59 appears in the second count of the tweet timestamp 17:23:59, giving us RENEGADE=59, which is HUSSEIN’s secret service code name!

This gives us a triple confirmation on HUSSEIN and the important information that private email addresses and twitter accounts, which are code for online comms, are relevant to the Bill Maher riddle.

Let’s now analyze the tweets in depth and extract the Maestro’s hidden message using our regular Cap/Timestamp/Q-Board method. Read very carefully: Img3

Perfect. We now have 3 important pieces of the Bill Maher puzzle: HUSSEIN, online comms and rigged system correction. What do we do next? Yes: we pursue the IDAHO clue. We look around for Bill Maher+IDAHO and BINGO! We find this April 2014 article on the snake’s blog and guess what? The article is about the rigged system in America. He’s not even hiding. He called it “Two Americas, literally”. With the training you now have received, you will easily decode the general meaning and purpose of his article and detect that instead of being morally worried there are two Americas, he’s actually advocating for the exact opposite: there SHOULD BE two Americas. One for his Club who are above the law and us, the Deplorables.

To illustrate his point, he reports about a 70 year old Colorado resident who is suing the Idaho police, after he was pulled over and arrested because his license plates were from a state where marijuana is legal. As a good big government socialist, our Maherus Panicus of the day writes this: Img4

As you can see, he’s betraying himself. Since he mentioned laws and talked about how they were geographically disparate, the healthy hypothesis for a logical and honest analysis would have been to axiomatically say there are as many Americas as States and see where he gets. But no. He says there are 2 Americas. Why? Because there is the America he wants and there’s the rest. For him that’s 2. He has no clue what America is about, what a federal union of States is and what the Founding Fathers were trying to accomplish and that we have the responsibility to continue. Do you now see why they want to abolish the Electoral College?

This Manichean way of seeing the world, US vs THEM is the common denominator for all satanists and sociopaths. Why? Because it’s rooted in Satan’s original belief that Mankind should not have been granted Divine Election over other species and should be socially eradicated, enslaved and used for food… This was explained in the Q Occult Series in this episode.

After reading Bill Maher’s article, I found in this Fox article that the “70 year Colorado driver” he does not mention by name was David Roseen. This incident made all the March/April 2014 headlines: Img5

The Fox article mentions a similar incident involving another Colorado driver named David Adkins who was also pulled over under the same circumstances in Nevada and who also filed a law suit against local police. The article provides a link to a KRDO interview of Adkins and his girlfriend. Let’s watch: video

Did you spot the phoniness? Every time the Fake News serves you a ‘happy’ couple smiling for no reason and gives you details like “this white Chevy Avalanche” or “20 mn outside Las Vegas”, you should know you are in Cabal coded area and should decipher. The interview was scripted, the article coded and the couple was a C_A asset hired to cause people’s sympathy and isolate law enforcement in their fight against illegal drugs. Our Maherus Panicus pulled the article through his “blog” to send messages to the Network. Read very carefully: Img6

The Roseen case against the police of Idaho was dropped a year later link, but you already know the law suit was not about winning. It was about drawing enough attention to scare away police departments from efficiently catching interstate drug dealers.

Puzzle coming together?

Do you know why POTUS tweeted about Afghanistan exactly 334 minutes and 45 seconds after his IDAHO tweet? You know 45 is his signature right? Now what is this 334? If you know Afghanistan is the world largest producer of opium and supplier of cannabis link, this will be an easy ride. Read very carefully: Img7

Do you now see the extreme power of the Maestro saying: “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION”?

He’s shutting down the Cabal’s main source of revenue and control and this is why all those involved at the lower levels of the pyramid are going CRAZY: Secret Societies, the Swamp, the Fake News, Wall Street launderers, Hollywood etc…

I know you are still waiting for me to tell you why it was reported the Maestro wanted to buy Greenland the same day this Idaho tweet was posted link. He confirmed it 2 days later: until 4:35.

Our Maherus Panicus knows the answer. Watch until 0:58

Did you solve?

You know that since ”green” is another name for “weed”, Greenland is code for the international drug trafficking platform.

Why did he say the joke Trump wanted to rename Greenland Ivanka?

Answer: the Maherus Panicus is better at numbers than the Scaramucus 666 and he quickly realized GREENLAND=80, which is also the value for BILL MAHER!

He knew the Maestro was referring to his riddle and was talking directly to him.


SOURCE: #serialbrain2 @

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QAnon Book “The Storm” Version 10.7 Released

The Most Comprehensive Book on Everything QAnon. PDF Format.




QAnon "The Storm" Book

This is a stunning tome in PDF format spanning over 2100 pages. It covers nearly everything QAnon. Few stones are left unturned. A great launching point (besides this site, of course) to acquaint yourself with “The Great Awakening” movement inspired by Q and QAnon. 

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Chinese Company Served as “Live Dropbox” for All of Clinton’s Emails

Now, ask yourself: is this a national security violation?




Photo: Twitter / DRX

Recently DECLASed file released by The Honorable Senator Grassley: 2019-08-14 Staff memo to CEG RHJ – ICIG Interview Summary RE Clinton Server

From @IvanPentchoukov on Twitter:

“Jeannette McMillian, an attorney for the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG), told Congress that this email with the name of a Chinese company appeared to serve as a “live dropbox” for all of Clinton’s emails.”

Ivan’s other Tweet about how an email address containing Clinton email metadata was setup to receive a copy of every email sent is located just below. Now, ask yourself: is this a national security violation? Can she be defended because she’s old, or it’s “operator error”, or “extreme carelessness”?



What would happen if you were a Private First Class in the Army with access to secrets and you setup a Live Dropbox on a Chinese server for all of your Army emails? Court Martial? What if you were a citizen? Years in prison? Hillary Clinton – free pass? How long can society function when the elite members of The Cabal are never held accountable?


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